How to Stop Letting Body Image Distress Control Your Life

This 20-minute mini-class, taught by certified eating disorder specialist, Alison Ross, LMFT, will teach you three quick-shifts that help you cope with bad body feelings and break the disordered eating patterns that they perpetuate.

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Your Teacher

Alison Ross, LMFT is the founder of Non-Dieting Health therapy center, a certified eating disorder specialist, neurofeedback practitioner, and advocate for body-positive living. Her outpatient center offers psychotherapy, neurofeedback brainwave training, dietary counseling, and social support to teens and adults struggling with disordered eating. Alison sees disordered eating patterns as predictable responses to being exposed to a highly-rewarding food environment and cultural pressure to control one's weight and appetite. When internalized, this conflict can lock people into reactionary mindsets about food and their bodies and disordered eating patterns. Alison helps clients shift from shame-based dieting mindsets into body respect, nutritional self-care, and resilience to weight stigma. Alison is the author of Non-Dieting: How to Love Your Body and Be Healthy in Diet Culture.

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